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Natural Equine Dentistry
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The SECRETS to my Success has been perseverance, horsemanship,
and the immense desire to WIN on a CHAMPION Horse.
Barrel Team Program
BIO ~ History
"Appy" in Buckets
Oakdale Saddle Club
WR Accountant Plus
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Bar O' Dark "Chocolate" 2011 Registered Appaloosa Gelding
93 point in Halter, Western & English Pleasure 2014-2015
First year 2016 running Barrels
~ 2016 Year-end Achievement ~ 
NBHA-IL05 Reserved 1-D Open Barrels 2016 * 2017 NBHA World Championship Qualifier 1-D
High Point Winner M.C.S.C. Jr Horse Barrels 2016 * I.W.H.S.& R.A. High Point Open Barrel 1-D 2016
I.W.H.S.& R.A. High Point Overall Speed Horse 2016
~ 2017 Year-end Achievement ~ 
2018 NBHA World Championship Qualifier 1-D
IWHS&RA 1D 1st Open Barrels 2017
NBHA-IL05 Championship 1-D Senior Barrels 2017
IBRA State Show Reserved 1-D Open Barrels 2017
IBRA State Show 3rd 1-D Master Barrels 2017
IBRA National Final -(Long-go) 4th 1-D Master Barrels 2017
IBRA National Final Championship 2-D Master Barrels 2017
~ 2018 Year-end Achievement ~ 
IBRA State Championship1-D 2nd Master Barrels 2018
IBRA National Final Championship 1-D 5th Master Barrels 2018
NBHA-IL State Show Championship (Long-go) 1-D 1st Open Barrels 2018
NBHA-IL State Show Championship Finals 2-D 4th Open Barrels 2018  (he got sick)
IWHS&RA 1-D 1st Open Barrels 2018
Rustler Ship Domino
22 Championship Barrel Racing Awards

Six-Time Ladies Barrel Racing Championship for W.H.S.C & M.C.S.C

I.W.H.S. & R.A. Speed Horse Hall of Fame

Numerous Reserved Barrel Racing Championship

also High point in English Pleasure, Hunter Hack, Halter & Western Pleasure...

W.H.S.C. {Walnut Hill Saddle Club} Queen 1984 & 1986
  Our Barrel Training Program introduces the barrel pattern after a well understand working foundation is in place before ask for speed.  Have that seasoned Barrel Horse refusing to enter the Arena, Turn a Barrel... We can help. 
1)  We start your young horse in our Barrel training program for you to show
2)  We train/show your horse(s) for you in barrel
3)  Offer trained horses through our barrel program for sale
4)  Commission Sale:  Have a barrel horse you need to sell but unable to show to advertise..  Let us help.
            We can keep training and showing to gain top dollar for your horse.  Standard commission fee apply*
5)  Riding Lessons:  You have a horse but need some coaching/lessons
6)  Just need Specialized Training for your horse on issues 
"We Build Solid Foundation for Life In or Out of the Barrel Arena"
Bar O' Dark Chocolate
2017 NBHA World Qualifier 1-D
2016 M.C.S.C. High Point Jr Horse Barrels
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