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I.W.H.S. & R.A. Speed Horse Hall of Fame

Numerous Reserved Barrel Racing Championship

also High point in English Pleasure, Hunter Hack, Halter & Western Pleasure...

W.H.S.C. {Walnut Hill Saddle Club} Queen 1984 & 1986
Questions & Answers:
Q. Is Total Equine® safe for a horse with ulcers
A: Total Equine® is very positive for horses with ulcers as it contains no raw starch. Many horses with ulcers have become free of ulcers once on Total Equine®.
Q.Is Total Equine® safe for a horse that has coliced?
A: Yes. In fact we highly recommend it to help a horse recover from Colic.
Q. Will Total Equine® make my horse “hot”?
A: No. The unique compounds in Total Equine® make horses calm and much easier to work with.
Q. What will Total Equine® do for a horse with thin hoof walls?
A: The hoof walls can double its natural growth speed. It generally thickens and softens the hoof making it more resilient to splitting and better able to hold a nail.
Q.Is Total Equine® a pellet or a sweet feed?
A: No. Total Equine® is a 100% extruded feed made without molasses or other sugars.
Q. Do I need to feed minerals with Total Feeds™ products?
A: No. Total Feeds™ products are a complete supplement to hay and grass and no additional supplements are necessary.

Equine15 NATURAL
A NEW, all-NATURAL supplement, shown to reduce pain and inflammation in horses.

Developed by a Canadian biotech company committed to improving health in animals, this once-a-day natural supplement provides relief from joint tenderness. Horses regain their mobility and confidence, returning to their original activities of racing,  jumping, everyday riding or loafing more comfortably in their surroundings.
Equine15 NATURAL seems to modulate the abnormal metabolic responses associated with disease states such as those exhibited by chronically inflamed cells, which include cells associated with forms of arthritis. This is the only alternative on the market to, and is more effective than, glucosamine and/or chondroitin.
In addition, research has shown that Equine15 NATURAL has controlled viruses from five different families. Several viruses cause inflammation and respiratory problems in horses and horses with respiratory infections have received relief from treatment with this product. This is the only antiviral product available over-the-counter for horses on the market today.
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