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" Respect of any Discipline in any Breed"  

 Welcome to “Horsemanship by Respect, Inc.” Horse owners ask me all the time how to solve specific behavior problems. If your horse is barn or herd sour, bites, won’t trailer load, walks all over you, pushes into you, won’t lead properly, won’t stand for mounting and so on, then the main problem you have is a basic LACK OF RESPECT from your horse.
If you will address this issue and gain your horse’s respect and trust, then all
 these other problems will disappear. I cannot stress this enough—stop looking
 for a “quick fix” and start working to gain your horse’s respect. You will be
amazed at the difference you will see in your horse, both on the ground and
under saddle.

The best way that I can describe, “Horsemanship by Respect …” , and the way
I like to train horse is this; horse training is like a scale, and on one end of the
scale you have people who beg their horse to do thing by using feed, grain
or hay as a bribe. Sometimes the horse will perform just to get the treat. I have
 also heard of people not feeding a horse or watering a horse for two or three
days thinking that if the horse eventually gets hungry or thirsty enough, he
 will perform to survive. These methods do not get consistent results, to say
the least. On the opposite end of the scale are people who mentally and physically intimidate their horse to do everything. The handler will always have to force the horse to do what was asked, and the chances of injury are always a higher risk. Where do we want to be with our horse training? We want to be in the middle—somewhere between being a wimp and getting dragged all over the place, and being too rough and aggressive with our horse always forcing him to do things for us.
Both ends of the scale obtain very inconsistent results. If your horse does not respect you, he walks all over the top of you and will not listen to you, or if your horse is fearful of you, he will never trust and obey you, because he is too frightened.

So, somewhere in the middle of our horsemanship scale is where we want to be, but that doesn’t mean we necessary get to stay in the middle.

You’ve come to the right place to start that journey, we have the products and information that will make it easier. With the right tools and instruction YOU can turn your horse into the willing partner you’ve always wanted! 
22 Championship Barrel Racing Awards

Six-Time Ladies Barrel Racing Championship for W.H.S.C & M.C.S.C

I.W.H.S. & R.A. Speed Horse Hall of Fame

Numerous Reserved Barrel Racing Championship

also High point in English Pleasure, Hunter Hack, Halter & Western Pleasure...

W.H.S.C. {walnut hill saddle club} Queen 1984 & 1986
Mission Statement
My goal is to make horsemanship simple to understand for you and your horse, making it very black & white. I want to help you enjoy the time you spend with your horse safely, and help your horse enjoy and understand what you want them to do. All at an affordable cost to enable everyone to have a willing safe partner.
                   May all your Rides be Good ones - Wendy
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"Key To Successfully having your horse Trained Properly"... Successful Horse training happen only when the owner participation in the training program with the trainer and horse... Unsuccessful horse training is the lack of Owner participation in the training process. "HORSES ARE ONLY A MIRROR OF THE OWNER'S KNOWLEDGE"...
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